2020 Summer Practice Schedule

The football season is upon us.  Summer workouts have started.

Summer workouts are scheduled to resume Monday, July 13th at 5:30 P.M.  All of the same procedures are in place as before.

1.    Each child is to bring his own hydration supply to each practice.  I DO NOT  recommend sending your child with one bottle of water or Gatorade as it will not be enough.  Please think about purchasing a larger container that will hold a decent amount of water or Gatorade. The school can NOT supply water or hydration for the kids at this point. Also please do not bring a container for multiple kids to share as we are not permitted to do that either. It must be for each individual player.

2.    Each child is to wear a full t shirt to each practice. The kids are NOT permitted to wear tank tops, cut off shirts or anything resembling the sort.

3.    Parents are NOT permitted to watch summer workouts within the stadium grounds. You may watch practice from your vehicle or stand outside your vehicle however you must be outside of the chained link fence.

4.    Kids will not be permitted to keep anything at the school and MUST take everything home with them. We are not permitted to enter the school locker rooms at this time so there for everything must go home.

5.    When each player arrives at practice he must have clean shorts and shirt on. If a player has an unwashed shirt on he will not be permitted to attend practice.

6.    When we are permitted to wear helmets for summer workouts, each player must wear a mouth piece that is able to be ATTACHED to the facemask.  Mouth pieces that are unattached are not permitted.

Summer workouts are NOT mandatory but STRONGLY advised and recommended to attend.  The reason is due to us missing most of the summer, we are extremely behind in teaching the kids what they need to know with schematics and also with conditioning.  Your child will NOT be punished if he isn’t able to attend every workout. Also I am a huge believer in family time. If you have a vacation planned throughout the summer, please know that I strongly support you taking that vacation and once again your child will not be punished for missing. With that being said, the only part that makes this become an issue is when the practices become mandatory. The date that everything becomes mandatory is August 10.

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