Touchdown Club

The sole purpose of the Deer Lakes Touchdown Club is to support the football program here in the Deer Lakes School District. A variety of fundraising efforts assist the coaching staff in the growth and development of the program.

We welcome all interested persons to join the Touchdown Club — parents, former players, coaches, alumni, faculty, you don’t have to have a child in the program, you don’t even have to live here! Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who is interested in promoting interest in and supporting our program. You only need to do one of two things, help by donating or buying an ad in the program and/or join in as many meetings as you can and help with ideas, events, organization, and decisions. We meet on a year round basis on the first Tuesday of the month and anyone is welcome to attend a meeting. Check website for updated dates and times.

We do all this on a volunteer basis and enjoy supporting the great sport of football. We hope that you will join us and help support Deer Lakes Football. We would love to hear from you and welcome any help and/or suggestions.

Board Members
President: Craig Hasley
Vice President: Mike Hammond
Treasurer: Stacey Hollibaugh
Secretary: Nicole Hasley

Committee Chairpersons
Pepperoni Rolls: Nicole Hasley
Website/Social Media: Allison Sciullo
Photography/Social Media: Allison Hammond
Middle School: Sandy Petruzzi
Team Apparel: Candy Luniewski
Program/Sponsorship: Don and Jamie Bender
Away Game: Rob Zaremski
Camp: John: Pavlik/Ashley Raynovich
Volunteer: OPEN OPEN
Concessions: OPEN OPEN